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About Us

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Who We Are

Pear Tree Landscaping, owned and operated by Angelo Pereira Jr., is rooted in the high quality of work we deliver to our customers. The family name Pereira means 'Pear Tree.' Similar to the pear tree, Pear Tree 
Landscaping symbolizes sustenance and longevity. We strive to create partnerships with our customers that are based on these two symbolisms, with a promise to deliver 

landscaping services of the highest quality. From residential to commercial, we are there for the longevity of our customer’s needs. 

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Excellence and Professionalism 

Pear Tree Landscaping takes pride in the work we deliver to our customers. Our work is based on two important elements -  excellence and professionalism. Our highly experienced and professional team is there to ensure our customers' needs are met, while the vision of what they want comes to reality. 

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Insured and Guaranteed

Pear Tree Landscaping is fully insured for any and all landscaping projects. Whether a customer is in need of weekly mowing and maintenance, or would like to create a landscape of their dreams, they can rest assure knowing our work is insured and guaranteed to be of the highest quality.  

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